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Sphinx::MultiQuery_t Class Reference

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#include <sphinxclient.h>

Public Member Functions

 MultiQuery_t (SearchCommandVersion_t cmdVersion=VER_COMMAND_SEARCH_0_9_9)
 Constructor of multiquery.
void initQuery (SearchCommandVersion_t commandVersion)
 resets query data and multi-query command version
void addQuery (const std::string &query, const SearchConfig_t &queryAttr)
 adds a query to multi-query
int getQueryCount () const
 returns query count
const Query_tgetQueries () const
 returns concatenated queries
SearchCommandVersion_t getCommandVersion () const
 returns command version

Protected Attributes

SearchCommandVersion_t commandVersion
Query_t queries
int queryCount

Detailed Description

multi query data structure

This class provides methods and storage for creating multi-queries.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Sphinx::MultiQuery_t::MultiQuery_t ( SearchCommandVersion_t  cmdVersion = VER_COMMAND_SEARCH_0_9_9  ) 

Constructor of multiquery.

cv cmdVersion command version of multiquery

Member Function Documentation

void Sphinx::MultiQuery_t::addQuery ( const std::string &  query,
const SearchConfig_t queryAttr 

adds a query to multi-query

Adds a query to multi-query and checks command version against multi-query command version

query words in string to search for
queryAttr query attributes
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