Public Member Functions

Sphinx::ConnectionConfig_t Class Reference

Connection configuration object. More...

#include <sphinxclient.h>

Public Member Functions

 ConnectionConfig_t (const std::string &host="localhost", unsigned short port=3312, bool keepAlive=true, int32_t connectTimeout=1000, int32_t readTimeout=3000, int32_t writeTimeout=3000, int32_t connectRetriesCount=DEFAULT_CONNECT_RETRIES, int32_t connectRetryWait=CONNECT_RETRY_WAIT_DEFAULT_MS)
 ConnectionConfig_t (const ConnectionConfig_t &from)
ConnectionConfig_toperator= (const ConnectionConfig_t &from)
const std::string & getHost () const
unsigned short getPort () const
bool getKeepAlive () const
int32_t getConnectTimeout () const
int32_t getReadTimeout () const
int32_t getWriteTimeout () const
int32_t getConnectRetriesCount () const
int32_t getConnectRetryWait () const

Detailed Description

Connection configuration object.

keeps configuration data needed to connect to the searchd server, such as host, port, timeouts, keepalive flag and connection retry params. WARNING: setting of keepalive is currently ignored (will be implemented later)

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