Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
Sphinx::AttributeUpdates_tStructure that holds attribute names and their values in documents to be updated
Sphinx::Client_tCommunication interface to the Sphinx searchd
Sphinx::ClientUsageError_tException is thrown when a invalid combination of function calls occurs. For ex. addQuery call before initQuery call
Sphinx::ConnectionConfig_tConnection configuration object
Sphinx::ConnectionError_tException is thrown when an error occured during connecting to the search server
Sphinx::Error_tException type thrown by Sphinx::Client_t::methods
Sphinx::GeoAnchorPoint_tGeographical anchor point
Sphinx::KeywordResult_tKeywords request result data for one word query
Sphinx::MessageError_tException is thrown when unable to parse response from the search server
Sphinx::MultiQuery_tMulti query data structure
Sphinx::MultiQueryOpt_tOptimisation-enabled multi query data structure
Sphinx::Response_tSearch query result data
Sphinx::ResponseEntry_tOne response match entry
Sphinx::SearchConfig_tSearch query configuration object
Sphinx::ServerError_tException is thrown when an search server error occured (invalid version)
Sphinx::Value_tGeneric value type of sphinx attribute
Sphinx::ValueTypeError_tException is thrown when a value is being read from Value_t and the expected type does not match value type
Sphinx::Warning_tException type thrown by Sphinx::Client_t::methods
Sphinx::WordStatistics_tSearched word statistics returned by searchd