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Sphinx::Response_t Struct Reference

Search query result data. More...

#include <sphinxclient.h>

Public Member Functions

void clear ()

Data Fields

std::vector< std::string > field
 list of searched fields
AttributeTypes_t attribute
 list of returned attributes and their types
std::vector< ResponseEntry_tentry
 list of matches found and returned by the searchd
std::map< std::string,
 list of word statistics
uint32_t entriesGot
 total number of matches found
uint32_t entriesFound
 total number of documents matched
uint32_t timeConsumed
 time consumed by the query
uint32_t use64bitId
 whether to use 32 or 64 bits for doc id
SearchCommandVersion_t commandVersion
 search command version

Detailed Description

Search query result data.

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